April Newsletter

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By Justin Lamparter

This update will probably be the shortest but two of the biggest things will happen for us in May!

First, we will finally have a website up and running where you’ll be able to find out what you need to know about us and our various products. You’ll be able to download mailing labels or RX Forms if you’re running short.

I’ll update the site regularly on our blog we’ll have on it. So you’ll be able to find out some of thenewthingsintheindustryand what we’re doing! We may even run specials on there from time totime. Be sure to keep watch!

In addition we already have a twitter and a Facebook up and running. Please sure to Like us or follow us at facebook.com/kdldental and @KDLDental!

There will also be photos and tutorials for you to look at on there and I may even post a video or two. Our site can be accessed at www.kdldental.com.

Second, I’ll finally be going to training in the middle of the monthforthenewStraumann CARES 7.0 system we’re getting. It’ll add many new features to our CAD/CAM system for Crown and Bridge design!

I will know more about it once I attend the training session. The biggest update it’s getting is the ability to send out work to a milling center of our choosing. I hope that this will allow for more competitive products.

Expect more information next month in our newsletter or online!

What’s Unique about Lava Ultimate?

Fast, no firing required 10 year warranty, tough, resilient and durable

Great polish, new nanotechnology delivers a polish that lasts


Crowns, including implant supported Onlays



Exceptional durability Excellent polish retention

Our doctors have been using these on molars, onlays, and inlays and have been loving them!

In our lab we use Straumann’s Etkon scanner along with their CARES 6.2 software. This allows us to create accurate scans of models and in turn allows us to create accurate restorations.

In addition to designing crowns and bridges we can also create custom abutments for the Straumann implant system. More products and services are being added to our system.

This is just the beginning for us in the digital age of dentistry.

We’ll keep you posted for when we receive CARES 7.0 in May!

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